I have a dream…, there would be no more long sitting days

Just arrived in a sunny Gothenburg, after some sitting hours on the train. This week will be a tough conference week, with a lot of meetings and lectures.

The International Forum on Quality and Safety with 3000participants from  many countries, will take place during the week, as well as other conferences arranged before and after the Forum.

The Physiotherapy Associations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland will meet tonight and tomorrow in Gothenburg, and some of us will stay in Gothenburg the whole week.   


I wrote in a blog post earlier about the importance of movement. This week I will try to start a movement for movement. There will be excellent speakers, talking about the need of change, and the importance of starting change with yourself.

Do want to help me to start this movement, with no sitting sessions longer than 20 minutes?  My dream is that there would be no more long sitting days! Read my blog post here.