Asking ”What matters to you?” will make difference. Let’s start! Thanks for a wonderful Forum! #quality2016 

Thursday and Friday were two creative Forum days, filled with sharing and learning. Helen Bevan announced the morning session yesterday saying ”There’s a special spirit in Gothenburg”. And it really is. This Forum was so inspiring and there also was more movements, and less sitting these days. But still there is too long sitting days, that is room for improvement. 

Thursday morning Olivia Wigzell, Director-General at the National Board of Health and Welfare did an excellent plenar speech, explaining the Swedish healthcare results, the importance of transparency and the need of ongoing improvements, especially in the area of person-centredness. 

This morning Lois Kelly, author and creative strategist talked warmly about change, rebels and trouble makers.How can we make it a norm in healthcare being rebels? One important answer is that the only way is together.  

Finally Maureen Bisognano, President emerita, IHI entered the stage with a strong message: It’s no longer about YOU, it’s about patients, their families and the TEAMS. She also talked warmly about the importance of asking: What matters to you? We all could start asking our patients and their families that question and we ought to start now to improve healthcare. Let’s start!
Friday night, and it’s time to leave Gothenburg after a week filled with impressions. A huge THANK YOU for a wonderful  Forum and goodbye Gothenburg, ”the town with the special spirit”!