The definition of Quality is Movement


There has already been fantastic days in Gothenburg, where we have taken part in the Nordic meeting with the Associations of Physiotherapy in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden  

and also the first day in International Forum on Quality and Safety, with > 3000 participants from 65 countries, where Donald Berwick was the first plenar speaker, talking in an excellent way about the history of Quality Improvement. Together with our Swedish team I had a real good day, with many excellent presentations.  

 One high light was the session about New roles in healthcare. How can we go from caring FOR to caring WITH? The Region in Jonkoping County presented a new video about patient supporters, which was appreciated.  


There also was time for lots of meetings with colleagues from other countries and other professions.


But still I am wondering why we are sitting so much during this excellent conference. Goran Henriks told the Nordic Physiotherapists last Tuesday that ”definition of Quality is Movement”  


In an earlier blog post I said that I have a dream, there should be no more long sitting days.  

Let’s start a movement for health today, a movement for quality and a movement for movement. 

The definition of Quality is Movement!